Your Sacred Human is welcome here

Do you want to find out how your past plays into your now?

To learn how embodied memories disrupt energy flow?

To turn blocks into opportunities?

To uncover your hidden talents buried below?

To feel protected and supported by a Sacred Human Tribe?

Our relationship with the past affects our relationship with the now, with ourselves, with each other, with the earth and the infinite cosmos.

Therefore it is our responsibility to explore it.



I’m Hanna

. . . and, just like you,

I am an authentic, unapologetic

Sacred Human

What is the Spiral?

  • Have you ever wanted to take a journey into your own depths?

  • Have you ever wondered what you would find there?

  • Or is it something that you avoid?

You keep repressing it, believing that nothing good can ever come from it.


But what would happen if you had a guide, who had such a powerful light to shine into your depths?


And when they did, what was revealed was alchemised in the light and everything there turned to GOLD.

THIS is what happens when you show up and do the work of The Spiral . . .


I believe that our past is the richest, nourishing fertile soil that we grow from.  🌱


Everything we experience happens for us, not to us.


YOU already are a sacred human, there has never been a moment when you haven’t been.

You just need an alchemist to guide you back to what is already within, and facilitate your letting go in such a way that integrates the shifts, so that you can align with your authentic truth unapologetically.

“Until we make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate”

Carl Jung – Founder of Analytical Psychology

Journeying through the Spiral

Intention Setting


Setting your intention is more than just wishing things were different. Intentions are willful direction.

It is the way of the heart, put into motion, into action, into practice.

A consistancy of conscious patterns of thought – actioned through the heart.

This becomes intended energy for manifesting.


Setting your intention is like setting your North Star in the sky.

The Spiral and Chakras



Combining Kinesiology, coaching, David Hawkins scale of consciousness, Spiral Dynamics and the Ayurvedic chakra system, we create a simple to follow modality that you are guided through to create profound change in your life in any area you desire.


By gently revealing which emotions you have anchored into your system, we can highlight the emotional charge of your current lived experience and use a simple yet effective and fast technique to clear those emotional charges, which change the narrative of your life and how you connect to those emotions.

We work with the 22 most common emotions which direct your conditioning, limiting beliefs and often self-sabotaging behaviours.



I will set you integration tasks after each session, which will support you in anchoring in those changes that we make during the Spiral.

This propels the evolution of your own consciousness.

I believe that everything is happening for us and that, throughout your life, you have left yourself little clues to come back to a reframe and grow from.

You are a beautiful, sacred Human already, you do not need to be fixed because you are not broken, but you can choose to relate differently and shift.

Are you ready to Spiral?

The Spiral allows you to choose your own alignment to your truth and show up in the world from a place of owning your unapologetic, authentic self, living a life on your terms without attachment to anything outside of you.

It is a profound, transformational journey that requires you to be open and show full committment for doing the work.

The more you put in, the more you will get out.

Who is this work for?

Upcoming Sessions

2022 Spiral

This will be starting in March/April

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Hannah holds the space so that you can explore yourself on the spiral, without feeling contained or worried of judgement for what comes up. And there, within, lies the treasure.

– L. Riding

The Spiral is a truly transformational process, subtle yet powerful. Hanna holds the space so beautifully, bringing a wealth of wisdom and deep understanding. I felt so seen, held and supported throughout. It was a scrumptious experience.

– S. Turton